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1 3/4" Hardwood Staples - 15 1/2G

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Nailing or stapling down solid hardwood floors is the most common installation method in North America. The process involves nailing or stapling the wood flooring directly to a wood sub-floor. Typically, the flooring is blind nailed through the tongue into the wooden sub-floor so that the nails are not visible after the flooring is installed. This installation method works for solid and engineered wood floors. For thinner engineered wood floors, check out our 18G staples or 18G floor cleats. 1 3/4" Staples are our preferred size since they do not "blow out" 3/4" OSB like a 2" staple and they offer maximum penetration of your sub-floor. If you are reading this and your house is not framed yet, install a 3/4" premium plywood for your sub-floor instead of OSB. The holding power of nails or staples will be a lot better and in turn will help minimize cracks and squeaks. For more information on preventing squeaks, look up our FAQ page and contact us for more details.

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